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Approval Process

Please view the steps we take during the review approval process for new businesses into our database.

  • 1. Category Choice - Make sure a main / sub category has been chosen that relates to business.
  • 2. Company Name - Check & edit if any other wording has been used.
  • 3. Business Description - Check wording and edit if any contact details have been entered (not allowed in this field).
  • 4. Company Logo - Check to see if uploaded.
  • 5. Business Website - If entered, Check root domain, Does it load.
  • 6. Phone - Check number added using above if entered.
  • 7. Location - Check main / sub location entered using above information.
  • 8. Street Address - Check using above to make sure details match.
  • 9. Add Map - Make sure map feature is correct using above.
  • 10. Email - Check email is correct and active.
  • 11. Contact Person - Make sure a contact name is added, May use above.

(We may also perform searches to confirm above details are correct).

What happens next?

If a new business is approved, We will send a email to let the business owner know, From here we will add the listing detail page to social networks that we use, The listing Url page will then be added to our sitemap, This will then be submitted to search engines.

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