Frequently Asked Questions

Is registration required to use HEBD?

Yes, this is for all advertisers and visitors if they want to use some of HEBD features.

Are all types of listings reviewed first before going live?

Yes, HEBD does this to help prevent spamming. 

Who can use HEBD to advertise?

HEBD is a UK only business directory.

What can be advertised on HEBD?

[Please view our 'Guidelines' section for more details on regarding site adverting guidelines.]

What does it cost to advertise on HEBD?

Regular listings throughout HEBD are 100% free.

If I post a listing, will I also get spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on HEBD.

How long will my listing remain on the HEBD?

In general, listings are automatically deactivated from HEBD after 12 months (365 Days). Advertisers will receive an email a week before and another on the day of deactivation. Members have the ability to put listings back online in the following month by logging into the member account area.

If i suggest my uk business, can reviews be disabled? 

Yes, this can be done via the member area.