Submit A UK Business For Review Into HEBD

How To Suggest Your UK Business

We seem to get a lot of poorly written and or missing information in regards to submitting a UK business for review. Here is a more in-depth guild on how too - 

  1. Register for a free member account by clicking on the 'Register' link. Once registered and registration has be confirmed, return and login.
  2. Click on 'Add Listing', from here you need to do the following -


Choose a Main, then sub category that best fits your UK Business activities.


This can only be your UK Business name, no other wording.


  • Give a brief or more in-depth description regarding your UK Business, listing the year your UK Business started is a good idea plus such information like activities, services and or products offered. 
  • List your full UK Business address including postcode.
  • List your UK Business opening times.
  • List your UK Business website using the 'Add Link' feature.
  • List your UK Business social network links like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.


Type in the City or location where your UK Business operates from, The field should auto-complete.


These are the same as keywords, keep the related to UK Business activities. Good idea to use one as location.


This is the email address you want to receive visitor messages from,our system does not display email address used, all conversations are recorded in your member area.


Contact no you would like to use for visitor enquirers.


Within the next step you just need to confirm your not a robot.

Now click on the 'Next' Button...


You now have the choice to upload a logo or related image from your device, click on the 'Browse' button to select, once done, this will then automatically take you to the next step.


From here you can choose your listing type, click on the 'Continue' button and your done.

Your UK Business listing will now be placed under 'Pending Review'.